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Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Pre-lockdown
« on: April 07, 2020, 04:54:34 PM »
I pretty much fished at least 2-3X a week, if it wasn't raining, before the total lock down. Snuck onto several "off-limit" beaches looking for my first. I had a lone take down that resulted in a shredded up bait. Dealt with rough conditions for the most part. It was either kelpy AF, choppy and windy, or a current that either raced downhill or uphill. I toughed it out fishing until near sunrise several times for nada. Hopefully I get another shot at them before the year is over.

I did also get out and hit the bay with the kids and they all managed to score some spotted bay bass. It's not a drag burning grinner, but I love fishing with them, especially now that my daughter is all about it!

Phuck, this COVID19m crap effing SUCKS AZZ!!! Stay safe y'all.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Solo Sesh (08FEB2020)
« on: February 09, 2020, 11:47:45 PM »
Got ok to fish early Saturday. On the sand by 4:30pm!! Brought a perch rod along to occupy my time as I was expecting it to be slow or maybe even a dead night for grinners with the cold front moving in.

As I expected, the bullet tuna on my long rod sat quietly the whole night. Glad I brought the perch rod and some shrimp. Had bites on just about every bait. 4 leopard sharks up to 20+ inches, a spoof-fin, 4 yellowfin croaker, and 7 surf perch. Kept the perch (1 preggo released) and yfc for the fryer and for future grinner bait. Perch rod saved my night.

It's gotta turn on soon...

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / TNGC also gave it a shot (30JAN2020)
« on: February 02, 2020, 03:13:05 PM »
Minus Binh, we hit the sand hoping for the best. Conditions were pretty sweet. I chummed up the water really well with some fresh frozen sardines. Dre and I beat the skunk, he with a spoof-fin and me with a leopard shark. Good company, good conditions and we beat the skunk... not too shabby! Here's to hoping the weather holds.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Solo sesh (11Jan2020)
« on: January 13, 2020, 10:18:22 AM »
Hit the surf solo. Conditions were pretty nice. Surf maybe 1-3' and salad was minimal. No ripping currents to speak of. The beach I hit was flattened out pretty good from the recent high tides and surf. Was on the sand for a few hours and didn't have a single bite. Lots of people walking around. It was a really nice night, just no one home.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / QT with my boys (21DEC2019)
« on: December 26, 2019, 03:38:13 PM »
Took advantage of the weather window and headed to the bay to burn some wood and soak some baits with my 9yr olds. We got to the spot at the same as another group was setting up around the bonfire ring next to us. Sent out some shrimp on 2 perch rods and squid on my long rod. got the fire started and some of the kids next to us came over to us to play with my boys. Stoked to have some kids to keep my boys entertained. I told them to have fun and that I'd yell for them if we had any action.

Lots of critter bites, but surprisingly nothing stuck. As the sun starts to set, one of the rods doubles over and I yell for the closest boy. Matty runs over and it's game on. It was a pretty solid fight on 8lb and I was concerned the line wouldn't hold or the little Wal-Mart no.6 bait holder hooks would snap. He gets it in the skinny and it's a solid horn shark and his biggest fish to date!

By this time, I have about 8 kids and their parents crowded around me asking questions and wanting to take pictures with it. I let the kids get in on some pics and I send it back home. Re-bait and listen to my son excitedly talk about the fight it put up. We high five each other and I'm brimming with pride  ;D

The sun sets, our little fire is roaring, and I'm thinking about how awesome our city is and then I see a rod tip do some wiggling. Call over my other my as it's his turn. This one wasn't much compared to the horn shark, but it was another shark. Sharks are cool, big or small. He slides up a little spoof-fin and it draws another crowd.

More pics and then a quick release. All the kids head back to playing, except one. He stays next to me the rest of night waiting patiently. I ask him if he'd like to reel in the next one if we're lucky enough to get another bite. "YES!!!" He's never gone fishing or even help a fishing pole. My fingers were crossed that I could deliver before it was time for me to head home. about 30mins goes by and my prayers were answered! It was a little bigger than the 2nd shark and luckily it bit on the lighter of the 2 perch rods I brought, so it felt much larger. He was pretty happy!  Spoof-fin shark number 2.

We high fived, released the shark, and he ran over to ask his dad if I could the text the picture to him. Stoked all around. Good karma for me, I won the FFL championship I'm in and I won $25 on a scratchers I got as a stocking stuffer. Now if only the rains and winds would stop long enough for me to soak some big baits. Oh yeah, no love on the long rod.

Tackle Talk / Ocean Master Surf Rod Sale @ BassPro
« on: December 06, 2019, 03:20:22 PM »
Both their spinning and casting surf rods are on sale. I've owned 2 and loved them! Light weight and pretty strong, yet sensitive. And, until Dec. 7,
2 day shipping is free. Another way to save, if you already shop using the Rakuten rewards website (formally known as eBates), they're offering 4.5% cash back on BassPro purchases. I paid $118.49 with free 2 day shipping for the 12' Heavy rated 20-50lb. With the additional 4.5% cash back, I'm paying ~$113.15. Pretty good deal!!

We were short one with Andre not being able to make the trip down, but he didn't miss anything. Arrived on the sand an hour before the high tide peaked. As usual, our timing sucks. But, so is the life of parents with young kids. We make do.

We were both casting macks. Binh and I managed to beat the skunk, he with an 18-19" calico bass, and I with a leopard shark in the 20" class and I finished off the night with a spoof fin shark around the same size. Conditions were good with some salad in the mix. We'll give it another go soon...


Tackle Talk / Okuma Fishing USA sale
« on: September 30, 2019, 02:14:13 PM »
I saw this on another forum, but felt it was good enough to share here. Really good deals on spinning reels. I don't know about you guys, but I treat my little spinning reels like crap and never get them serviced like my conventional gear. Time to replace my squeaky perch/mackerel reels ;)

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / TNGC (19SEP2019)
« on: September 20, 2019, 01:31:26 PM »
Hit the sand again, this time with Binh for our usual Thursday outing. The bite was much slower than the previous night. I beat the skunk with butterfly ray and closed out the night with a legal calico. Binh was harassed the whole night by lobsters. It was a joy watching him try to set the hook on them  ;) ;)

Much windier last night and I noticed a south and north swell causing some confusion in the water. Still fishable. but it did cause my rig to tangle up often.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Wading into Wednesday (19SEP2019)
« on: September 19, 2019, 01:19:03 PM »
Wife had plans for Thursday, so a Wednesday solo session it is! Brought 2 bags of fresh caught SI macks. First bait in the water around 9:30pm and it was crushed within the minute by a spunky bat ray in the 30" class. Next sent out and not long after, a leopard shark came to play. Followed that up with a near legal calico bass and then another leo. That was pretty much the theme, every single bait was smashed. I ended the night landing 5 leos from 30+" to one nearly 50", the lone bat ray and calico bass, and dumped what I feel was either a BIG leo or a soupfin that made a jump way out in the surf and threw the hook. Also missed 3 other bites while looking down at my phone. I stayed until 12:30am and headed home. Didn't take a picture of every leo. We know what they look like.

Surf 2-3' and no salad ;D 

In particular order:

This was the bait from the thrown hook. It was half of an 6-8" mackerel.

Saltwater Boat Fishing Reports / Tough Full Day Fishing (12SEP2019)
« on: September 17, 2019, 02:43:29 PM »
Finally got ok to go before the yellowfin tuna disappeared. Headed out on a sold-out Grande with my buddy Mike. Capt Alec was at the helm. The grounds were crowded and bumpy. Weather would only lie down a bit in the afternoon. Baits iffy. Hard to get cured bait with so many boats heading out. Schools of Spanish macks were all over at the bait barge. They were fun to catch on my spinning rod. All you can grinner bait, was tough to let them go  ;)

Long ride out just south of the islands. It was nuts to butts fishing. With a lot of peeps not doing the tuna shuffle, tangles were far too common. The tuna were picky AF!! 20lb flouro or no go. Size 2 hooks. The smallest and liveliest baits got bit. So glad I brought my Penn Spinfisher 4500 mounted on a Shimano Terramar rated for 15-30 or I would've been screwed. I fished 30lb braid backing, 25lb mono, a short leader of 20lb flouro, and a tiny a$$ hook. I beat the skunk using this outfit. My buddy brought heavier gear and didn't get a single bite until I lent him the spinner. On the last stop, he was able to beat the skunk while I was chomping on a burger. I hate this kind of fishing.

Tackle Talk / Penn Fathoms on sale
« on: September 06, 2019, 01:55:17 PM »
It's not a huge sale, but there are some solid savings to be had. All the Fathoms are under $200.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Multi-day report
« on: August 20, 2019, 12:13:57 PM »
Hit the sand with Binh one night at a beach we rarely fish, both scored a calico with mine being legal at 16". We had salad issues.  Went solo last night to SK, lots of chopped salad. Surf very manageable, but that salad was no fun. Gave it an hour then called it. It's that time of the year, warm water, lots of salad.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Summertime Blues (19JUL2019)
« on: July 23, 2019, 12:59:36 PM »
Hit the sand with Binh hoping to find some straggling soups feeding on the grunnies. With it officially being summer, we weren't expecting much. We managed to beat the skunk, me with a leo and Binh with a shovel. Nothing too exciting, but it was nice to hook something that pulled some drag.
Water was pretty warm. Kelp was an issue early on, but really cleaned up as the tide rose. Lots of people and little parking. Mack was the bait of choice.


Saltwater Boat Fishing Reports / Full Day on the SD (10JUL2019)
« on: July 11, 2019, 12:56:58 PM »
Called in sick after seeing the yellows were on the verge of going off at the 'nados. Joined 44 other hopeful anglers looking for a big pay day. I'm glad I went!! Large schools of roving yellows were on the prowl and hungry. The bait guys did really well, but the casualties were on the high end for them. I and about a dozen others stayed mid-ship or on the bow armed with long rods and surface plugs. I went 5 for 8 and some spunky 10-12lb yellowtail. Others did really getting double Mexican limits. I had a blast! The barracuda were also out in force, sometimes overtaking the yellows. We actually had to drive away from them 2X. I kept 2 for grinner bait and even scored some HEFTY macks for the Fall grinner season. 

The infamous Pacifica

Just a portion of our haul

Not much time for picture taking. Our count total was 156 YT, 17 Barracuda, and a lone calico. I know if we kept all the legal 'cudas that were caught, we'd have well over 100 of them. I released about 25 myself. I'm feeling much better now...

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