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Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / For Real This Time 8/4/2020
« on: August 05, 2020, 06:08:00 PM »
 Hey, it's a Tuesday night fishing report.

 Been a long time.

 After the epic leo session of last week, the seed was planted to get back out more often.

 I got to the beach earlier than I intended and it was thick with people. Took my time gearing up, upgraded my parking spot, and by the time I got my rod in the spike everyone was gone. Except for those last two surfers that stuck around until it was too dark to even see them.

 No matter, at least I was out on the sand.

 Test cast came back looking good weed wise. Sweet.

 Baited up and sent one out. Five minutes later I'm on. Maybe. Could have been weeds, could have been a fish. Then I got a round of applause and some splashes in the skinny.

 Small male bat. I'm on the board. On my first cast. Might as well pack it in. Tom was due to arrive soon, so I stayed with low expectations for my night.

 Tom showed up, picked his spot and proceeded to haul in clumps of weeds. I had a few at the same time.

 I decided to throw to a different area, Tom decided to wait a few before the next cast. Both tactics seemed to pay off as weeds became less of an issue.

 Lots of chewed baits but nothing really going on until Tom shouts at me my rod was bit. I wasn't watching and didn't see it, but since my glow stick was on the other side I decided to check it. Line came tight and lo and behold there was somebody home.

 Best shovel I've caught in awhile.

 That was pretty much all the action for the night except for a visit from law enforcement. Mike, if you are out there, they are asking about you. Heads up.

 Been too long away from the shark fishing. Virus leaves nowhere to wait out the crowds, and messes with Tom's work schedule.

 Decided to just hit the beach and sleep late on Sunday morning.

 I arrived just after sunset. Beach was packed, so I took my time and hit the sand about last light.

 Set up and got a bait in the water, and Tom showed up a bit later.

 Killer night. Rising tide, small surf, water was cooler than it has been, but not as cold as I thought after hearing all the talk.

Not that great a picture, but you get the idea.

Tom strikes first with a small bass on his first cast. That is never a good sign.

I was next with a huge knockdown that just disappeared when I grabbed the rod. Ugh.

Tom was getting pestered by bass bites. Nothing would get the hook, but he barely got a chance to sit between bites.

I got another clicker ripper and set the hook on this one. Been so long, I wasn't sure if it was a bat or a shark. Then it made itself clear and Tom made the grab on a nice leopard. Thanks.

A little bit later, I get another screamer. Grabbed the rod, felt the fish, then nothing. Going 1 for 3 at this point. Not so hot, but at least I got one on the beach.

Things calmed down for me, Tom was still feeding the bass. Then another screamer, and another dropped fish. 1 for 4. Not good at all.

Tossed another bait and minutes later another bite. Ripping line out. I jumped up grabbed the rod and it is on. And it stayed on all the way to the beach. Same fight as the previous which I am now recalling is typical for the species so I call leopard. Yep, another nice one. Ratio is getting better.

We discuss when to take off for the evening, Tom has one more beer and its a shame to carry full cans back to the car, so I agree to hang around.

Tom gets a bite grabs the rod and reels all the way in. I could tell it wasn't a shark so I didn't pay much attention. Then I heard it. "Eel." Yuck. Hate those things.

I got one more nice bite before we packed it in.

Overall, a great night for me. No exotics, but got to pull on some good fish. Tom once again proved the first cast curse is alive and well, even in this day and age.

We agreed to get out more often from now on. Just need to figure out when.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Making The Best Of It. 6/13/2020
« on: June 13, 2020, 02:55:14 PM »
 I find myself to be shorebound these days, so I've been enjoying the light tackle game.

 Headed down to the place I got the nice corbina earlier this week. There is a huge hole that should be full of fish. It was pretty empty of fish at low tide so I chose to check it out o a higher tide.

 Still nowhere near its potential.

 I got one decent size perch, a smaller one and the smallest leopard I've ever seen.

Not exactly what I was after.

Made a short move tried my luck at a basically featureless piece of beach. Just soaking crabs on the long bomb.

Did much better here.

Overall a fun morning.

Fishing, a breakfast burrito and a nap. How can you go wrong?

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Got One More 6/9/2020
« on: June 10, 2020, 03:50:37 AM »
 Got some family stuff going on right now. It requires my presence, but not early. What else to do but hit the sand?

 Tried a different beach from this weekend and found it was much the same. Even the same guy fishing a great looking hole.

 I dropped in on the other side of the hole from him. 50 yards away, not crowding, and cast out.

 Second cast I get a small bean.

 Third cast I get slammed. Another great fight. This time I keep looking over to see if the guy is watching. He is.

 Finally land another nice one.

Got a YFC, a decent perch and a small shovel to round out the day.

Ran into a good friend on the sand and fished with him and his friend awhile. None of us got a bite.

Going back this morning to see what happens.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / One and Done 6/7/2020
« on: June 07, 2020, 10:20:24 AM »
 Got up early and hit a local beach. Light tackle.

 Grunion run happening now so what do I target?

 Yep, spot fin and corbina. What else?

 Minus tide flats conditions and lots of big crabs. Looks like it could be good.

 Second cast gets me a bite and a dink corbina.

 Third cast gets me a tap, a thump, and a nice clicker run.


 Itís a nice fish, fun back and forth in the skinny, rooster tails and clicker clicking.

 Got it on the beach and it is a good one.


 Another 90 minutes watching fish at my feet for no biters.

 Ok, so I got two fish. Sue me.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Busted! 5/28/2020
« on: May 29, 2020, 10:33:43 AM »
 Well, red tide finally eased up. High surf came down a little. Beaches are open to surf and walk, so what the hell? Gave it a shot.

 Plan was to meet Tom at dark. Street side parking right in front of the sign that said "No Beach Parking Residents Only"
 Well, screw that. I'm a resident, just not a local resident. Parked and gathered my stuff.

 Made my way to the beach. Some kind soul had moved the sign that said the trail was closed. As I reach the parking lot I see another sign. Beach closed at 8pm. Also some nonsense about no surf fishing allowed. Luckily it was pretty dark so I didn't fully comprehend its message.

 Watched the waves for a few, chose my spot, and put out a bait. Big sigh of relief, things are getting normal.

 Soon Tom comes up the beach. I say hi and notice headlights moving down the beach towards us. Tom is reluctant to put all his stuff down as I mention the sign and wonder if it is the rangers doing a beach sweep.

 A few minutes later we discover it is exactly that. sh!t.

 Tom talks to him a bit. I couldn't hear what was being said so I cut to the chase. "Are we getting the boot?"

 Ranger came back with, "I'm just telling you what I am required to tell you. Surf fishing is not allowed, and due to COVID 19 the beach is closed at 8pm."

 Tom asked what time he was coming back and the ranger answered, "Have a good evening," and left to finish his rounds.

 Not quite sure what to do, we decided to be respectful and move farther down the beach where we were less visible. We felt like he was giving us the speech but he never told us to leave. Our plan was to be easier to be overlooked in case he came back. He never did.

 Tide was not the best for where we set up, but fishing is better than getting the boot so we made do.

 Lots of critter bites and hollowed out heads, no weeds at all. Overall it seemed like a decent chance to hook up.

 Finally, my rod goes full bendo, but no clicker. I grabbed it, pulled and got resistance but nothing else. Told Tom it was a big kelp monster. He said, "I haven't seen so much as a single piece of grass all night." Then it pulled back. Not hard, but certain.

 Fought it awhile. No hard runs, no tail slaps, not sure what it was.

 Finally get it close enough to see and its Batman. Not huge, but decent and fun to pull on.

 Action shot.

 The prize.

 That was it for the night. A few more critter bites and we split.

 Super good to get out and fish, even though it was a little risky.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Still On The Run 4/18/2020
« on: April 18, 2020, 02:50:10 PM »
 Got up and decided to hit the new beach with some squid strips. Gentleman's fishing with shoes and long pants. Good thing too. It was windy and drizzling most of the morning.
 Rigged up, planted the rod holder, and cut some little strips. Seems easy enough, but the rod holder was a challenge.

 First cast, I'm bit before I get to the rod holder. Wow, squid strips are just the ticket.

Little spotfin. Don't think its a sewer trout, but its been a long time since I caught one so, I'm open to correction.

 Well, squid strips worked, but I was getting worried about the first cast curse. Took quite awhile to get the next bite.

Nice. Just need the yellowfin for the surf croaker slam.

 Bites were slow to come, but it was better than not trying. Managed to get a few more before they sent in the national guard.

Trophy fish of the day.

Something told me it was time to go.

Can't believe they sent in a tank. Probably try again tomorrow. Nothing much else going on. I'd bring some big gear, but it is kind of a pain to access, and I don't have gear big enough for what might bite here anyway. Kind of fun just foolin' around with the little stuff.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Broke Out of Solitary 4/17/2020
« on: April 17, 2020, 09:43:34 AM »
 Couldnít stay home all day again. 2 of the last 3 weeks off work and canít do anything fun. What a drag.
 Decided to hit the road to follow up on some info that there are open beaches to the north. Or south to some of you guys.
 Hit the 5 with a general destination in mind, but nothing specific.

 Found a great new use for surfers as a guy pulled on the freeway in front of me with a board on the rack. Slid in behind him and followed to an open beach. Parking was closed, he parked in a strip mall lot. I cruised around checking things out and found some street parking.

 Hoofed it to the beach. Murky water, shore pound, cobble piled with gravel between, piles of brush at the high tide line. Didnít look good.

 Didnít feel good either. Gravel hurt to stand on. Waves knocked cobbles into my toes and ankles.

Fished 30 minutes. No bites, so I split. Might go back tomorrow with the little long rod and soak some squid strips. Then I can wear sandals and stay out of the ankle knockers.

It was nice to get my feet wet.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Before the Lockdown 3/30/2020
« on: March 31, 2020, 11:42:52 AM »
 Had to get out. This virus thing is going to be worse before it gets better. Thankful I'm working at half time. Lots of folks aren't.

 Met Tom for a night time ninja strike. Arrived after dark to avoid any human interaction. It worked, we only saw each other and a guy walking his dog. Seems reasonable as far as distancing goes.

 Kind of hard to keep much of a conversation going with the surf noise so we just soaked baits and enjoyed the time out of the house.

 Surf was small, tide was creeping upward and the salad was very manageable. Really a nice night to be out.

 We both had a bite here and there. Critters mostly, though I did have a couple rod benders that looked good but didn't amount to anything.

 I forgot my chair at home on the porch, Zoom happy hour with some friends. Kinda like a work meeting but with booze instead of coffee.

 As I was taking the load off my feet, sitting in the sand, I see my rod go full bendo, clicker screaming. I jumped up, well, struggled to my feet, and grabbed the rod.

 Took a bunch of line and stayed straight out, thought it was a bat. I had my drag set looser than normal for some reason, so I tightened it up and started to gain line.

 I couldn't feel any tail slaps or head shakes, didn't see any jumping, so I resigned myself to fighting the bat ray to shore.

 Finally it got close enough for Tom to grab it and it turned out to be a little 71" female soupie. Had 25 feet of leader wrapped around itself from head to tail. Probably why it fought weird. I don't know if it wrapped during the fight or at landing, but at least part of it must have been during the fight,

 Didn't pose for pics, Tom took some action shots as I cut the leader from the fish. There was a fresh bite on the tail. Maybe something almost got it earlier.

 Got the fish back in the water, but it took several tries to revive it. It eventually swam off, but I'm not super confident in its long term outlook. Maybe whatever bit it before will be back and finish the job.

 We fished another hour or so and called it a night. Good to get out and feel like things are a little normal. Going to have to call in some beer for curbside pickup soon.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Iíll Hit it Eventually 2/15/2020
« on: February 15, 2020, 05:01:30 PM »
Three day weekend. Headed to momís for a visit.

Soaked a couple baits on the way.

Not even a nibble.

One of these days Iíll connect.

Beautiful morning, great conditions. Just no fish.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Guess Sage Really Works 2/11/2020
« on: February 12, 2020, 04:19:58 PM »
 Yeah, Tom texts me he is sage smoking everything he owns after his run of bad luck. Gave me a good laugh. What a weirdo.

 Whatever, He is running late, flex hours to get the boat looked at. That's cool. I hope things work out.

 Check out the nights spot. Better conditions than forecast. Nice.

 Bartender remembers my drink. Nice.

 Got a fat carnitas taco for dinner and headed to the beach.

 Make a cast, get a bunch of little nibbles. Check the bait and decide it will fish. It is early and no sense burning bait.

 Soon after, I get a bump, then a full lightstick flinging full screamer bite. Hell yeah.

 Great fight, looking over my shoulder hoping Tom will walk up in time to land it for me.

 No such luck, but I got it to shore, snapped a couple pics and grabbed a tape for a measurement.


 Then Tom shows up, doesn't even say hi, casts out and comes over to tell me the boat is going to work out, and a couple other things are resolving as well. Hmm.

 Anyway, my rod goes silent and he has the top stick. Farmed two, and got one. Should have saged the rods. Bet the other two would have hit the beach.

 Good to back in the swing.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Gave It A Shot 1/31/2020
« on: January 31, 2020, 12:40:36 PM »
Been out of the game for awhile.  Stuff going on.

After talking with Verne last week, I decided to try a spot we talked about.

Tide was bottoming out, surf was 2-3 maybe. Water pretty clean of weeds.

Guess Iím out of practice. Didnít even get a bite, but the time on the sand waiting for one was nice.

Maybe Iíll get another chance soon.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Solo Mission 10/22/19
« on: October 23, 2019, 04:07:12 PM »
Tom had sh!t to do again. Went solo, not my favorite but after last weeks fiasco I wanted to get out.

Stopped to see a friend that works at a local spot. Always mean to drop in but never do. Finally cruise by and he swapped shifts with someone. Took a selfie with the menu and shot him a text. Got back a screenshot of me on the surveillance cam. Kinda creepy but I got a chuckle.

Hit the beach and counted surfers. 7. Not bad, should clear out pretty quick as the sun sets. Wrong. One gets out, three get in. Even after sunset. Ugh.

Finally get a bait out and collect weeds. New bait, more weeds. Repeat until 4 kids with spear guns head out over my bait. Then come right back in. Guess they couldnít see through all the crap in the water.

Reeled in my final sea monster and split.

Grabbed another beer on the way home.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Back on the Horse 9/17/19
« on: September 18, 2019, 10:24:17 AM »
 Not sure how to do this anymore, but I'm going to see if I can fake it.

 My younger son's birthday fell on Tuesday but he knows the drill. Even texted me written permission to fish and wished me good luck.

 Tom and I were biding our time with a few drinks and a couple tacos as usual, and hit the beach just after sunset when the parking starts to open up.

 Things looked pretty good salad wise, but it was a trick. We drug a bunch of crap up on the beach for a couple hours until things cleared up. Surf was manageable, but I could hardly sit down after a cast before I was loaded with weeds.

 I took a break and watched Tom reel up crap for a while. It put him in a great mood for the guy to set up ten feet from him and cast over his line. Even from behind and in the dark I could see his face. A face I recognize as unhappy.

 Finally, after a short break I decided to try the waters again. Actually got a decent soak time. I watched from my chair as my rod started to bend, but this time it just kept going and line started peeling off. Hell yeah, fish on.

 Felt weird. Pulling hard and swimming back and forth, but without the usual signs that would tell me what I had on the line. I decided it might be a smallish BSB.

 Turned out to be a nice 74" soupie with 20 feet of kelp on its face. 

 Threw a few more baits each for nothing. Tom said he lost a nice lobster in the surfline. I didn't see it, but it wouldn't be the first one to do that. Too bad you can't get them where we were or I'd be hooping it next month.

 It was nice to get back in the game. Hope its the beginning of a good fall season.

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