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Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Solo Mission 10/22/19
« on: October 23, 2019, 04:07:12 PM »
Tom had sh!t to do again. Went solo, not my favorite but after last weeks fiasco I wanted to get out.

Stopped to see a friend that works at a local spot. Always mean to drop in but never do. Finally cruise by and he swapped shifts with someone. Took a selfie with the menu and shot him a text. Got back a screenshot of me on the surveillance cam. Kinda creepy but I got a chuckle.

Hit the beach and counted surfers. 7. Not bad, should clear out pretty quick as the sun sets. Wrong. One gets out, three get in. Even after sunset. Ugh.

Finally get a bait out and collect weeds. New bait, more weeds. Repeat until 4 kids with spear guns head out over my bait. Then come right back in. Guess they couldnít see through all the crap in the water.

Reeled in my final sea monster and split.

Grabbed another beer on the way home.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Back on the Horse 9/17/19
« on: September 18, 2019, 10:24:17 AM »
 Not sure how to do this anymore, but I'm going to see if I can fake it.

 My younger son's birthday fell on Tuesday but he knows the drill. Even texted me written permission to fish and wished me good luck.

 Tom and I were biding our time with a few drinks and a couple tacos as usual, and hit the beach just after sunset when the parking starts to open up.

 Things looked pretty good salad wise, but it was a trick. We drug a bunch of crap up on the beach for a couple hours until things cleared up. Surf was manageable, but I could hardly sit down after a cast before I was loaded with weeds.

 I took a break and watched Tom reel up crap for a while. It put him in a great mood for the guy to set up ten feet from him and cast over his line. Even from behind and in the dark I could see his face. A face I recognize as unhappy.

 Finally, after a short break I decided to try the waters again. Actually got a decent soak time. I watched from my chair as my rod started to bend, but this time it just kept going and line started peeling off. Hell yeah, fish on.

 Felt weird. Pulling hard and swimming back and forth, but without the usual signs that would tell me what I had on the line. I decided it might be a smallish BSB.

 Turned out to be a nice 74" soupie with 20 feet of kelp on its face. 

 Threw a few more baits each for nothing. Tom said he lost a nice lobster in the surfline. I didn't see it, but it wouldn't be the first one to do that. Too bad you can't get them where we were or I'd be hooping it next month.

 It was nice to get back in the game. Hope its the beginning of a good fall season.

Fishing Talk / Been Awhile
« on: September 17, 2019, 09:09:18 PM »
Plink.  ;)

Freshwater Shore Fishing Reports / Lake Wohlford 6/9/19
« on: July 10, 2019, 12:23:16 PM »
 Summer sharking was off the table last night so I hit the lake. Had my pick of spots so I set up at my favorite cat spot.

 I was fishing one long rod for deeper water and another for closer to shore.

Cast the long bomb and soaked bait as I rigged the short rod.

Pinned on a bait, cast out, put the rod in the holder and turned to grab my bobber I hang from the line.

Before I turned back around the rod was full bendo. Screaming line out. Grabbed it and landed a nice 4lb cat.

For the next 3 hours that rod got bit over and over. Sometimes before I got it in the holder.

I went 7/19 for a pretty bad ratio. The rest of the fish were smaller. 3/4-2lb fish, still, lots of action made for a fun evening.

The deep water stayed silent.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Saturday Surprise 6/29/19
« on: July 01, 2019, 10:08:45 AM »
 Hit the surf for a quick light tackle session. Had to make a second choice since the first was having an event that killed the parking.

 Fished decent conditions for and hour for no bites at all. Found a decent hole and worked it hard as the tide filled in. Eventually the bite turned on. Pulled about 8 12-14 inch corbina out in about 30 minutes.

One last cast before I left to do yard work yielded a nice surprise. My first from the surf.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Solo Tuesday 6/25/19
« on: June 26, 2019, 10:31:19 AM »
 Tom was out for the evening, so I decided to do the light tackle thing.

 Made a decision on a beach to fish. Been doing OK there on the weekends and wanted to try at higher tide.

 Well, sh!t, Had to park three blocks away and hike two lifeguard towers down to get away from surf camp and Jr guard camps.

 Got a couple bites right away, nothing stuck, felt like dink perch, maybe dink corbina.

 Worked the current through a nice hole for about an hour as the tide rose. Got a dink corb and a round ray.

 Headed up the beach to another likely looking hole and ended up with three nice fish on back to back to back casts.

 The bite died and I headed back to the car. Picked up a dink YFC for the croaker slam on the way. One more and I would have had a double header, but A cold beer was calling my name.

 Guess I should have stuck around and fished for the bigger stuff, judging by Mike's kerplunk post.

Freshwater Boat Fishing Reports / Jennings Catfish Opener 5/24/19
« on: May 25, 2019, 09:12:39 AM »
 Made plans with Tom to fish Jennings for the first time in ages. Hell, its been awhile since we fished anywhere.

 He texts me his plan to arrive before I get off work, so of course I expect him to send me pics of his fish as I drive over in traffic. Neither one happened. He lost one fish, and there was no traffic, so the night is off to a good start,

 I call when I get to the lake and he picks me up. Usual discussion of the plan ends up with hitting the bread and butter spot before someone else gets it. Perfect.

 We drop the spot lock to hold us in the wind and bust out the panfish gear. Fun to pass the time waiting for the cats to come out. I made a couple casts and then got a quick bobber down. First fish was a small bluegill. On the board. A few more casts and I get another. I could actually feel this one pulling.

 That was it.

 We decided to check out some other areas, dropped some catfish baits into some structure that has paid off before, but nothing.

 Decision was made to hit the usual spot and ride it out. We soaked mackerel, meal worms and threw plastic for bass. Nothing.

 Then the sun went down and we got hopeful. That didn;t get us any bites. It was slow. For us, not for the next boat, they got about 8 fish for three guys.

 Finally, around 9, I get a huge bite. It pins my rod in the holder and starts pulling line. I mean like Wham! I start fighting the fish and I can feel the line rubbing something. Sticks probably. Then a pop and it feels clear for a moment then starts rybbing again. Damn. Fish is still on though so I keep at it. Then another pop, bigger this time, and Tom says oh sh!t,is it still on?

 It was. Got it to the boat and its a beauty.

That was it for another hour. Then I get bit again. Hard. Fish pops off. I reel in ad find the hook was bent out and the tip like a shepards crook. Probabaly should have checked that. Toms rods were silent excepy for a couple bites. Nothing stuck for some reason.

I missed a couple bites and scored one more small cat.

To top off a slow night, we get to the ramp and a guy has a three limit stringer in his truck he could barely lift. Those three guys did better than we did by a long shot.

Threw my big one on the scale and it went just shy of 8 1/2 pounds.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Joel Style, Sort Of 5/10/19
« on: May 10, 2019, 03:06:11 PM »
 Had stuff to do today so I took the day off. Wasn't until later so I hit the sand for a few.

 I played around with a new to me style of bass fishing last time out on Tom's boat. It worked really well so I decided to give it a try after seeing the bass were on the chew.

 Stopped at one local spot and it was 4 feet deep in weeds for the whole beach. Got back in the car and tried somewhere else.

 Found a likely spot and started casting. Lots of weeds. Made a twenty yard move and it was clean. Funny how it is.

 Third cast and my line gets heavy, great, kelp here too. Then as I get it close I watch a short halibut drop the lure and swim off.

 At least I know it can work.

 A few more casts and the grom squad walks out and starts surfing right where I'm fishing.

 Make another move and I get hit on the drop. Wow! Success!

 Got a couple more bites I'm sure were halibut, but they never got the hook and dropped off on the way in. No biggee, I was bass fishing anyway.

 4 bites and one fish landed in 2 hours, but it was a nice morning to try out something different.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Surf Sharks Galore 4/23/19
« on: April 24, 2019, 10:43:25 AM »
 After Monday nights salad bomb, we were hesitant to hit the same spot. I got down in the daylight to check it out and it seemed to have moved down the beach. Good news.

 Hit the taco shop for some dinner and a few beers while the beach cleared out.

 Got down a little earlier than usual to find clean water and empty sand. Set up next to some sunset watchers and threw out a bait. Answered all the usual questions, graciously accepted their well wishes, and proceeded to get bit. Grabbed the rod to set the hook and nobody was home. I did see some surface splashes in the zone. Probably giving me the fin.

 Tom showed soon after. Would have been there sooner but the sunset watchers were pumping him for info. Checking my story I guess.

 Anyway, not long after, I get bit, and manage to land a nice fish.

84" male mackerel incoming 2-3'

 Then Tom get a big hit, fights it to the second wave, and just as I spot it in the water, it breaks off. Leader frayed, probably wrapped up and wore through the 100lb.

 I get another bite and set the hook too soon. Pulled it right out of his mouth.

 Tom's rod is bouncing with bass and lobster hits. He managed to land one bass at some point.

 My rod goes off again. Screamer, straight out. I'm thinking its my turn to get spooled by a BSB. Then it turns and comes in pretty quick. Tom just about lost 3-4 different body parts trying to land that feisty SOB.

 78" male on bullet tuna/baby bonito from seafood city. First fish on that bait after many tries.

 Think I missed another bite. So did Tom.

 Then he gets slammed and its my turn to grab a green angry fish. The smaller ones come in quicker and still have a lot of fight left in them.

 Tom was very happy to have broken his recent streak of bad luck landing fish.

80" male on mackerel, maybe bonito. Still on the incoming.

Couple more bait changes and I'm on again. Bigger model this time.

90" male on bullet tuna

 This one looked like it swam off fine, but as I was organizing myself to make another cast, I hear Tom yell. Look over and see he is grabbing my shark where it washed up a little down the beach. I got it back out through the surf and it swam off again. We kept watch and didn't see it again.

 Tom threw a couple more baits while I took a breather. Then one last bait and on the road at 11.

 Super tired at work right now, but considering a nap this afternoon and heading out again tonight.


Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Easter Sunday 4/21/19
« on: April 22, 2019, 10:13:06 AM »
 Headed out to see if I could get in on some of this shark action the youngsters are into.

 Should have brought my basket cause all I got was grass.

 That's what you get when you fish the easy spot, not the right spot.

Saltwater Boat Fishing Reports / Half Day Extravaganza 3/29/19
« on: March 30, 2019, 07:59:32 AM »
Joined a group of guys from work on the third annual Caesar Chavez Day half day trip.

Met up at Oceanside harbor to ride the Electra. Going to be 50 plus on the boat. Then one of the captains, Joseph, asks our organizer Shane how many in the group. Turns out they are old school homies and Joseph grabs the keys to the Sea Trek and just like that we have our own boat.

Mixed crowd of rent rods, guys fishing upside down spinners, and a couple guys who have actually fished before.

Fished around 240 feet most of the day. Hit 4-5 spots. Not a lot of action, but a steady pick of sculpin, reds, sand dabs and whitefish. Nothing really even worth a pic, but it was a fun time.

I got half a dozen fish and just put them in random sacks.

Fun day overall.

Got up this morning for a probably futile attempt to catch a trout at Wohlford.

General Board / Seriously?
« on: March 07, 2019, 06:23:53 PM »
Nerves on the edge, well, over the edge, hanging from the tree that sticks out from the cliff.

Son is in the hospital eight days now. Way too long, not going home yet either.

Take a break from sitting with him to charge my phone in the waiting room and what happens?


We all know what that means, right?  FIRE.

BANG, click, click. Fire doors close and lock.

Iím on one side heís on the other. 

Arrrgh. Almost broke that tree root and sent me to the bottom.

Itís all clear now. Phew.

I didnít need that.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Joined the Club 2/26/19
« on: February 27, 2019, 10:43:18 AM »
 Started off the day  thinking it might be a solo mission. Tom had family stuff and I have a standing event Wednesday evening I don't like to miss. Thankfully I got a text saying he would be down after dinner.

 Spent a couple hours at the bar waiting for the beaches to clear out. Chatted with some nice snowbirds from Indiana.

 Got to the beach and it was beautiful. Nearly flat and crystal clear water. The gray sky gave way to a beautiful sunset. Down side was a group of dog walkers that wouldn't keep there dogs away from my stuff. Seriously, a pack of 12.

 Tossed a bait out and it sat untouched. No critters, nothing. Reeled up a ping pong ball size clump of weeds. Not bad.

 Something inspired me to make a short move, so I set up and soaked another chunk of bait. I heard some clanking behind me and turned to see Tom arriving on the beach. I walked over to say hi and give the report up to then.

 Just as I decided to check my bait, before Tom even put his stuff down, I'm on. Run, grab the rod and the night just got good.

87" male ready to party on the mackerel.

 Tom gets set up after landing my fish and puts out a bait. I threw a big hunk of bonito, and we commenced to see if there was another bite to be had.

 I think he changed his bait a couple times as I let mine soak. Then I look up and notice just a subtle movement of Tom's rod tip. I would have just let it be if it was my rod, but I have seen Tom jump up and run to his rod for much less, so I told him he might be bit. Turns out I was right.

89" male on the mackerel, also ready to party.

 We commented there must be a big momma out there somewhere.

 Not long after that, as I contemplate the sad fact that I can't gain any damn ground on Tom, I'm bit again.

93 1/2 inch male on bonito.

 Things slowed down a little, no critter bite to keep us busy bait checking and stuff. We did see a guy land a nice halibut down the beach. 30" or more, nice fish but too far away to say for sure.

 We watched the rod tips and the dark sky for awhile. I thought I saw my tip move so I hustled over to check it out. Slack line, so I reel like mad until I come tight and the surface of the water explodes. Fish on. All the fish were good fighters, thrashing about and such. It was fun.

 This one took a good run, then came in fairly close. Must have rubbed the bottom because at one point it just headed up the beach. It passed under Tom's line and 50 yards up the beach. I wanted to get a better angle, but didn't want to ease up. I hear Tom saying, "You need to get down here," so I ducked under and circled to try to get an angle pulling toward the beach not along the beach.

 In the mean time, Tom was trying to get the rope around its tail. The trough made it tough, from ankle to hip deep in one step. At one point I thought he was going swimming.

 Finally he gets the rope around its tail and tries to pull it in. He tells me to get down there and help pull, and between the two of us we were able to barely get it out of the water. It was the big momma.

 Tom is soaked up to his elbows, I'm worn out. I get the rope off her tail and a wave comes up and mercifully she swims off on her own. So cool to see the big dark shapes swim off in the clear water.

 Took me four tries to re rig. My knots just wouldn't work. Tom put out another bait, but I just sat and watched.

My entry into the 100" plus club. 102" female on bonito.

 Called it quits not long after. What a night. Dragging a little today.

Fishing Talk / Plink
« on: February 12, 2019, 08:25:13 PM »
That is all.

Hi Mike.

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