Author Topic: FOR SALE OR TRADE prices dropped  (Read 598 times)


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FOR SALE OR TRADE prices dropped
« on: July 28, 2017, 12:31:55 PM »
Well after spending some time with my extra heavy heaver, Iíve decided itís not the right set up for me. 
The 4/0 is just too big for my hand to control well consistently.  I love the feel of fishing with the set up, and pulling on a big fish, but even after practicing, I just canít get comfortable casting it.  Not abandoning conventionals, just working on a different route (still as a back up to my reliable spinner though!)  ;D

Iíve got a few other things for sell as well and Iím also looking to trade for a stick to match an Avet SX that I just found super cheap (It had a free spool issue, but I went through it per Alan Taniís site and itís perfect now).  Looking for an 8í or so live bait rod like the Teramar MH or similar.

Hereís the loot (Iíll add pics later or send them to you as needed)
All prices are OBO

1.   Penn 113HLW  4/0 Wide $75 Ė Made in the USA, beautiful condition.  Completely cleaned, greased, and oiled.  Drag is greased and works perfect.  Upgraded clicker.  Magged it for casting.

2.   Daiwa Emcast Surf Casting Rod $60 Ė Model EC1202XXHFB, 11í6Ē, 8-12oz, 30-60lb.

3.   Daiwa Sealine-X Surf Casting Rod $60 Ė Model SL-X S1102HRB, 11í, 4-7oz, 20-40lb.

4.   Seeker Classic $75 Ė Model SC660H-6C, 6í, 30-80lb, Gold with red wrap.

Contact me however is best for you. 818-522-7333
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« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 09:36:26 PM »
I have a pro gear V40 (narrow 3/0 size) $150 to board members
Diawa sealine 30 black and gold (conventional) $100
Avet SX (pink). $150

Let me know if your interested
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Re: FOR SALE OR TRADE prices dropped
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2017, 08:31:04 AM »
Bump for price cuts.
Open to trades as well.