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6-pack results
« on: October 28, 2017, 08:57:59 PM »
Well, we weren't thrilled with how things went.  Only went out to the kelp by Point Loma for a few hours and then spent the rest of the time in the bay.  We really didn't burn any fuel.  Was a pretty expensive day fishing spots that could pretty easily be accessed by kayak.

While waiting in line at the bait barge we caught a couple of mackerel, and Ruoxi caught her lifer lizardfish.

Once we got a half scoop of sardines we headed out of the bay and fished near some crab/lobster pots.  We fished two hook rigs with a live sardine on the top hook and a strip of meat on the bottom hook.  I picked up this big bonito off the bottom.  This guy is FOOD, not shark bait!!!

A little later Eli and I both missed really strong hits.  We agreed that they were lingcod, and a fresh sardine dropped down confirmed it!

Gabriele caught a decent scorpionfish, Eli caught a kelp rockfish, and both of them caught small sheephead.  The girls took naps.  Sea lions became a problem, and the captain wanted to go back in the bay to try for sharks and rays.  In hindsight we should have been more vocal that we wanted to keep fishing the kelp.

We used live sardines and fillets of freshly caught mackerel, but the sharks and rays didn't show up.  I was hoping for a smoothhound, oh well.  Ruoxi woke up from her nap and asked to jig a megabait I had tied up on my spinning gear.  She quickly caught her lifer mackerel, which was exciting.

She knew how to work that jig because she immediately picked up a scorpionfish as well.

My mackerel strip finally got picked up, but it was a spotted bass.  Pardon the creepy look on my face.  That's me wishing it was a smoothound I guess, haha.

Gabriele finished up the day with a short halibut.  It was one of the species he really wanted to catch, so he was happy.  (Pics are on his camera.)

Talking with Eli afterward, we had a lot of complaints about the day, but I don't need to go into any depth about it here.  We had a fun day, but it's not something I'll be looking to do again.  I really want sheephead and smoothhound, but it would be more rewarding if I can get them from a kayak or shore.


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Re: 6-pack results
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2017, 11:30:09 AM »
Nice fish guys!  Personally, you should have told him to stay in the kelp.  Most charter guys will try to sway you if it means less work for them.

That is one fantastic Bone though! That would have turned into food for me also!

Glad there was some success in any case!
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