Author Topic: Thursday Freelancing (8/6)  (Read 293 times)


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Thursday Freelancing (8/6)
« on: August 07, 2020, 07:07:33 AM »
I took a few days off this week to do a bunch of stuff with the family before my daughter goes "back" to school and because it's her birthday tomorrow and she wanted to do some fun things like a beach day and a boat day.  Thursday it seems fell right in the middle so I told them I have to test the boat out before we go.  You know, just in case?  wink wink

3-5 foot swell at 7sec and SW to W winds from 10-20 made for a damp day, except for a small window where the swell stunk, but there was little wind.

On the way out I noticed the tanks that I remember them using when dredging the bay a year or two ago.

Now I see what they are doing.  Replenishing the Jetty!

I went straight to Plan A, but wasn't sure what I would find or even looking for.  I couldn't find any mackerel around, so i knew this was going to be an artificial trip.  I brought my bass gear and went to work.
Things weren't wide open, but I had a steady pick of nice grade of bass and caught this whopper!  I thought it was a lingcod when it hit and it was an incredible fight on the bass gear!  Super stoked!  Grabbed the scale after a quick pic and saw 6.94# !!!b  With allit puked up on my boat, I'll call that an even 7#.  LOL

She was all lit up!

I got onto a pile of big sculpin too.  I caught like 6 in a row before taking off spot-lock to drift away from the a bit.

Without Spot-Lock, I would have only caught a 1/4 of the fish or less, but thankfully it was working good today and not shutting off for unknown reasons like in the past.  Still not sure why that was happening.

I found turd roller central and caught a double of 2#fish when one popped off before I could grab the camera.  I caught a couple more when I get slammed and slammed again!??  It felt huge, but was fighting all weird.... It wasn't til I got it to the surface that I see a big sandy and a good sized one!  These guys were hooked well enough for the picture!

I moved around a few more times for a fish here and there when I get thumped hard again and really dogged!  My bass gear was getting a work out today!  Great fight on bass gear and I was glad I kept him off the bottom!
Big headed blue-green ling!  Giant head and snakelike body!

I was thinking about trolling a Rapala back to the inlet hoping for lightning to strike when I get a huge thump on on my jig.  I set the hook and wow!  This thing had me nervous it was not wanting to come up, but thumping hard.  I have to be honest, I thought it was a 30# halibut, so i kept my calm and kept trying to work it.  Every time I got it off the bottom, it fought its way right back down. 
15 minutes or so into the fight and I finally have it coming up!  then it strts screaming circles around the boat and i think it may be a huge yellowtail or maybe a soupfin shark?  30 minutes in and I get my first glimpse... and all three trebles were in its mouth.  Ugh!!!!

They are so much meaner catching them from the boat.  This thing never stopped trying to send it's barb into me and left a nasty slime coat in my boat...YUCK!  Oh well, I had it with all the boats literally driving 50' by me and waving when the water was rough.  They would wake my boat in the rough conditions as well as just not be cool to drive that close to someone when they are fishing, so i had enough and packed it in.  I trolled back for nothing, but the inlet was scary with all the water movement and the giant crane dropping big boulders and closing half the inlet.  Sketchy to say the least.

Only fish i kept was the lingcod.  33" long and a good double digit fish.

Now it's time to get the girls ready for our bay fishing trip.  Thanks for reading and another report hopefully coming soon.
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Re: Thursday Freelancing (8/6)
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2020, 03:37:00 AM »
7 pounds is a huge checker, nice ling too Tom.  All it all, it looks like a fun day on the water   8)
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