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Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / I should move to SD 11/12 VC
« on: November 13, 2020, 04:33:13 PM »
Hit up the usual spot, free of weeds, small surf, and a major cliff of sand created by the storm that we had. Got out a little later than usual so we had minimal action on the critters, but bait thieves were out in force. Finally around 8PM I see two significant bounces in my rod and  then slack. Reeled up quick and sent the hook home! Fish on! Very slow but strong runs, and twisting and shakes, this for sure is the right kind! Get it to the skinny, well damn, 70 pound class bat ray that I managed to hook right in the center of it's belly, explaining why he didn't fight like a bat ray. I was happy to get the only fish of the night but man, it's been over two years since I've gotten a real grinner. Welp, there's always next time!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / People, Salad, and Bat Rays (8/17)
« on: August 17, 2020, 12:26:00 PM »
So I have been out maybe 5 times in the last year but with nothing but perch to show for it. Pat and I decided that the conditions looked excellent to do a real stab at some sharking. Lake like conditions, no wind, and a nice high flood at 8:30. We arrived at our go to beach to see it was PACKED, I have never seen this beach with so many people, literally every inch of sand had a gaggle of people on it. We did some random busy stuff like putting on new top shot, I respooled my critter rod, all in hopes the crowd would start to leave by hopefully 5 or 6 but no they weren't budging. Made the move a bit farther North to  a beach with some real estate only for it to be a single cast quitter when we saw how much chop, grass, and serious paddies were floating around. Moved back to the other beach and now it was 7 which only gave us three hours to fish this beach. Oh well, water was clean and now there wasn't nearly as many people to snag, but still more than usual. Pat puts himself on the board with a small perch. I was using mac slivers on my critter rod to see if any guitarfish wanted to play because I scared a few off while wading to cast the long rod. Around 8 my critter rod goes screaming and I get on the board with a bait ray, that we didn't keep, but it was fun on the light gear.

About 20 minutes later my longrod does a big dip with and pops back up I ran over and sent the hook home. Felt like the right kind but once we got it in realized it was just a medium bat.

It was quiet for the next hour or so and it was nearing time for us to pack it in but I got one more buzzer beater run, this time I could tell it was a bat again, but a slightly nicer sized one.

I'll probably wait a bit for the weather to cool off, sun go down earlier, and not a huge cluster of people are giving each other COVID :D. It was nice to get out and have some drag peeling fights, I'm starting to realize maybe I need a boat for summers.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Me too Verne
« on: January 05, 2019, 10:31:18 AM »
Inspired by the conditions and Verneís report I hit a stretch of sand Iíve been pounding a while. Perching was tough but I managed a 8 incher that immediately went on the hook. 30 minutes later I got the right bite and hauled in a 54Ē kitty. Was too cold to hang out any longer but wasnít a bad 2 hours. Itís been too long! Happy fishing guys!

What site are we using to imbed nowadays?

General Board / Merry Christmas All!
« on: December 25, 2017, 11:53:09 AM »
Hey guys,

Haven't been on much, pretty tumultuous year. And no fishing to boot :(! I am still alive and chomping at the bit to get out! Merry Christmas to all my P-Soul family!


Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / I feel ya Joe 04/22/17
« on: April 23, 2017, 01:15:36 PM »
Went out with Pat last night to see if the 7s were still home, but didn't have super high expectations because of Chad's weedy report. Got out around 5 and the beach was filled with people. As we waited for them to clear out we were just casting crack off the rocks and to my surprise got into a WFO walleye perch bite, a bunch of chunky pregnant females. I also kept one male to add to the bait pile since we only had 1 1/2 macks. After some people vacated we got our long rods out, salad was not too big of a problem but man the downhill current was ripping. Got the first hook up and my albright connection failed immediately on hookset, I was pretty embarrassed. Cast out again and the bite was slooow, about an hour after casting out I get a hit and know that it was a bat ray, reel him in, nothing very special, except that he had my other rig in his mouth! LOL! I was stoked since we were running low on hooks and weights as well!

Slim pickings for another hour then I got picked up again but this one seems sharky, but with some spirited runs, I thought, I may have my first soupie! Nah just another cookie cutter ray.

No more hits for the rest of the night but there was a ton of life at the spot. Other notable mentions was seeing a whale breach far out off the beach where a bunch of birds were diving, and seeing a B17 and B24 bomber fly over. A great day even with no grinners!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Easter Sharking 04/16/17
« on: April 17, 2017, 10:16:32 AM »
So my girlfriend and I had decided to go shark fishing on Sunday earlier in the week since the surf looked so good, and with Ron's report we arrived to stellar conditions with high hopes.

We got a late start and got to the spot around 6:30PM to small lapping waves, mild wind, and clean water. Got the first takedown around 8:00. Had a hearty little battle and got this 87" male 7.

About 30 minutes later I jumped the gun on a hit and missed. Action was going bonkers for the last two hours, with missed hookups and shredded baits every 15 minutes or so. Finally got a solid hookup around 9:30 and handed it off to my girlfriend and she landed this 74" male.

She didn't want to get close to the mouth so now adopted a strange dominatrixesque pose lol. Well the parking gods said it was time to go, left the fish biting, and the spot is on fire up here. If you're a part of the VC seven group you guys should make a point to hit it soon. Also both males had fully engorged claspers, still?

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Beach Day with the Mrs 03/17/2017
« on: March 17, 2017, 11:01:58 PM »
So a pretty atypical report for me, a daylight non sharking report lol! My girlfriend wanted to just go have a beach day, was considering leaving my gear at home and just soaking some rays, but I know every time I do that I end up regretting it. So I brought the small, long, whole shabang. We went to a good daylight fishing spot, since our 7 spot is really dead during daylight hours. Get to the beach and my old gulps are getting hammered by short perch bites. Finally I get one in, sweet got bait for the long now! As I'm prepping my long rod and my girlfriend was searching the rocks for shells she screeches and I look over, looked like a snake in the dirt, but then she's like it's a fish! Poor baby leopard must've been up on shore for hours, I picked him up and took him out deep, but he was so weak and had red sunburn on his belly and skin. I doubt he made it but I tried, there was also a dead thornback right next to him who I also kept as potential bait. Anyhow after I rigged the perch up and casted out, I couldn't buy another bite.

Just enjoyed the day with my lady and caught some rays while the perch soaked, about 3 hours go by without any action on the long and go to start perching again. I see huge salad monsters start rolling in and was keeping my eye on my rod to see if it snagged. All of a sudden a freight train hit on it! Ran up the beach grabbed my rod layed the hook. Huh, doesn't seem anything is on, then a monster run! Get it to the skinny and was super surprised it was not a leo, but my PB Surf Tractor. 56" Sucker ate a whole perch!

After that I was satisfied and we had to go to Santa Clarita so called it a day. A nice day where fishing was secondary but yielded some nice results!

Hit the good ol spot up and were greeted by perfect conditions. Warm air, low surf, no weeds a very nice night indeed.

Started the soak at 4PM, figured it was too early but what the hell we had our buddy Tom in tow, hoping to get a shark on his own setup he just purchased, and I'm sure to impress his lady friend :D! Anyhow about an hour and a half goes by and Tom's rod gets yanked off to the left in it's holder, his girlfriend and I said it looks like you got hit hard. He was skeptical for some reason and started reeling in. He said "there's nothing on here dude!" I was like damn, but as he cranked in a big bendo and he said "Yeah there is actually something on here!" Lol! This seven was a glutton for aerobatic displays breaching clear out the water and slapping its face multiple times, it was a really cool fight. Went over to some other guy fishing, sounded like he was a Kiwi, told him my buddy had a 7 on and was coming towards him. He was just casting an LC and said "I see it! Enjoy!" Very cool guy. Go for the tail and Tom got a nice 88" male to play at 5:30PM broad daylight!!

Anyhow satisfied with that he left at about 7PM to get back to the valley. After that I had several very tentative bites that would shred the bait off the hook but not give me enough time to set it. At around 7:45 I was talking to Pat and heard a huge splash in the water and turned around to see Pats rod sliding down the beach. He got to it in time but he tried to set the hook and snapped himself off. Well at least it wasn't me this time lol. I get a few more very obvious bites but again was like it was carrying it in its mouth and not eating it. Around 8:30 Pat gets his redemption and lands a 70" male.

The last hour and a half we soaked our baits for no hits, but when we reeled in at the end of the night, bare hooks. A great night with the girlfriend and friends, I sand handed both the sharks so at least I got the real fight lol! The kiwi even made me feel good by saying, " I really liked the way you handled that shark." Well at least I'm doing something right! Good luck to all of you tomorrow! Go Team VC!

P.S. They are definitely breeding right now, both males had engorged claspers and fully visible hemipenises exposed! Mackerel, Incoming, 1-2ft Surf, What's a moon phase?

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Night of Farming 02/24/17
« on: February 25, 2017, 01:40:32 PM »
So I was finally able to get out yesterday after a long time of being landlocked. Pulled and all day long excursion making bait at the harbor, got about 5 decent sized white croakers which I was up in the air on as far as effectiveness goes. I ended up picking up a single mac just in case the ronkies didn't produce. Made plans to meet up with Chad at our 7 spot. We got there about an hour before Chad. It was amazing how much the beach topography had changed and you could see a lot of new obstacles that were uncovered or created by the recent storms. Anyhow conditions were perfect, albeit a bit chilly and with quite a powerful rip. The first hour and a half was pretty quiet rod tips dancing as the bait swirled in the rip. Nothing touching the croaker so switched to the mac. At about 7:30 I got the tell tale bang bang tug, fish on! Could tell immediately it was a 7 but he was headed right towards the new rock trap that was created and our gear was getting danger close to getting swamped off the beach. I managed to turn the fish from the rocks but my headlamp was acting funky and it was really hard to get a good bearing on where the fish was going. I was running way to stiff of drag but still managed to get him in the skinny and see his tail and thrashed and then pop, tail waving at me as if to mock me. I'm too rusty lol.

Talk to Chad for a bit about the heartbreak and my lack of enthusiasm making another rig with my headlamp being so dim. He said he was having issues with weeds and offered me a rig he had premade, super cool move Chad! Made sure I got it back to him by the end of the night and told him to move down closer to our area since weeds had been almost non existent for us. Upon getting back to our camp Pat hooked up and was on something a little more feisty than a 7, which manages to catch my line too lol. Turned out to be a nice lively male leo!

Recast out and as we were all talking Chad gets a bite, I see his rod load up, but the fish doesn't stick. Well damn but at least they were biting.  By now all I had left was the croaker, decided to check my bait and start reeling in, damn this is way heavy what the hell, get it up to shore, damn -1 stupid thornback tried to eat almost a whole croaker and got a circle through his wing. Contemplated hacking him up for some bait, but decided we had too little time to fish to kill him and he'd be too much bait. As me and Pat constantly had to relocate our gear running from the tide I was placing my rod down and got another bang bang on it, cranked in fast but I had missed him.

With the primary exit of the beach now under 4 ft of water we had to decide how we were going to exfil off the beach, we'd have to climb up the 12' rock wall and walk on top of them 200yds to our vehicles. I got the jump on it early about an hour before we had to leave, did about 4 trips in total for Pat and I's gear and I guess during all of those Chad got another hook up, but another missed connection. As I was coming down from the last gear run Chad gets another very solid looking bend, after only 10 mins of last getting a bite. This one seems to be solidly on yet sadly for us he did not stay to say hi on the beach. Made sure everyone and their gear made it through the dicey exit then talked about the could have beens and some general jibber jabber and headed home. None the less a good night with good company and at least we know the fish are there and willing!

Freshwater Shore Fishing Reports / So We're All Doing It? 08-21 to 08-27
« on: September 01, 2016, 10:35:03 AM »
Hi guys,

Haven't posted much as I have been super busy and have not gotten out as much as usual. Hit the surf about 3 times in the last two months for nothing but kelp monsters. With the surf being blown out, but still having to itch that itch, I started targeting carp at the local pond, and it seems so have many of us. So without summing up the hours of waiting and the countless lost fish here are some pics of the last weeks fish.

Fisherman Pat's bruiser

Hopefully these damn weeds git out soon and we can all go back to toothy fish. But big lips make for a nice change of pace!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Chop Chop 7/15/16
« on: July 16, 2016, 01:44:27 PM »
Well made it out to the honey hole last night since surf seemed way too good, even with tides not being entirely the best. Just like last time the beach had a ton of chop right at the suds. Well as the tide was coming in it kept the kelp in a nice condensed string along the skinny. Soaked baits for about 3 hours for a few Leppy type hits, but nothing committed. They seemed on the smaller side since our baits were coming back with inch wide crescent bites out of them. As the tide began going out at 8PM the chop got spread out and real thick, like enough to stand on and a good 30 ft out. I had made one last decent cast that was out of the salad and let it soak for the remainder of the time. End of the day we all wore the stripe, too bad we don't have a way to check salad like tides :D!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / The Usual 05/11
« on: May 13, 2016, 08:23:56 AM »
Pat, our friend Tom, and I hit the surf yesterday because the forecast just looked too sweet. Got out around 5PM and even though there was calm surf there was a lot of chopped salad. Fishable but definitely an annoyance. I got the first hit around 6:30, but the silly shark took my sputnik and not the bait. My leader to the sputnik was cut clean, but it  was definitely a takedown on my rod lol. About 30 mins later Tom got hit, his cast was literally in probably 3ft of water or less. A feisty 81" female.

We had a fire going on this night as well, which was real nice, but probably made us miss some hits while tending to it. But Pat managed to catch his rod bouncing and brought in a 83" male.

We called it a night at 10PM. I was glad Tom got one, and was OK with Pat getting one  ::). I'll be back for my special needs sputnik eater lol.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Sharksauge Fest 04/12
« on: April 13, 2016, 12:13:28 PM »
With the leftover bait from Sunday and my farming antics Pat and I decided to hit the surf again tonight. The tides weren't the best for a quick session so we decided we were going to stay late tonight. Arrived at the spot around 7:20PM and conditions were looking nice, minimal salad and nice calm 1-2ft rollers at big intervals. Pat gets bit after about 45 minutes and brings in a nice 56" Leo.

Sorry for the crappy censorship. Anyone in the know up here knows where this spot is, but just in case thar be lurkers LOL.
I end up getting my bait stolen constantly through the night and after another hour Pat is on again with another cookie cutter male at 58", and he looks insane lol.

We decide to move down a little to where we have been having our 7 gilled friends play. I continue to get my bait stolen and after another 30 mins Pat is once again on a fish. This time a 49" bat. I was getting discouraged at this point.

Finally shortly after releasing the bat I see my rod bounce and lay the hook in it. Another male leo 57", a nice skunkbuster.

By this point it was getting late and Pat's phone was on the fritz not taking good pictures at all. We decide that the next fish would be the last for the night. We watch as Pat's rod gets played with a little and all of a sudden stops, then my rod doubles over, the surf was washing machine status right at the shore now and this fish hated that. Big long runs, tailslaps, headshakes, I thought it might be a soupie for a few minutes but it was just a big 98" male Seven.(and of course the camera refused to cooperate!)

The blurry maw.

He was bulky as all hell too, could barely drag his butt up the beach. Another nice night to get out and do some sharkin. And it was nice to redeem some of my lost fish to boot! And the strange thing to me was, all the Leos and the 7 were males, it must've been a really lame party for them because all their claspers were pretty engorged lol. Good luck out there everyone the sharks seem to be hungry!

So today was my 28th birthday and I wanted to spend it sharkin. My girlfriend and buddy were down for it even if it meant we had to brave a few drizzles. We got to the beach with perfect conditions around 5:20 and I have my first hook up around 25 minutes later, a respectable bat that I totally farmed with a giant crowd around me. I was very embarrassed  :-[. After about 2 more hours and several missed seven bites my buddy finally hooks up on a respectable 52" male leo.

 Again we miss several more sevengilly type bites. Then we recast and the second my friends bait hits the water he's on, and brings in a 72" Gill.

 I see my rod bounce and put my girlfriend on drag duty while we get his fish in. After we snap a few pics I go to check my setup and...nothing at all, hook line and sinker gone. Re-rig and by this point it was getting about the time for us to leave, as we were packing up I get another screamer, set the hook, Sevengill rolls and shakes. I tried to baby the drag and one tailslap and!!! POP!!! Dammit my last chance for the night  :(. Oh well, time I change out my line I suppose. At least I got to see some grinners for my birthday!  8) Pics tomorrow!

After getting the text and seeing Ron's report me and my buddy decided to hit the grounds again since they have been so good lately. Another short session from 5PM to 10PM, Surf was up but definitely fishable. We had a nice overcast going too which seemed to switch the sharks on much sooner than sunset. About 45 minutes in I get a tell tale bite and it goes slack I try to feverishly get up the slack but he got away with my bait. Another 20 minutes later my buddy has a real screamer, I see it in the waves and saw a huuuuge bat ray. He taped out to 56" I don't know why he didn't show up for the bat fight lol.

Oh well, next year  ;). About another 40 minutes later I get a  gill to stick but he managed to roll himself off the hook. I worried I'd be having another night of lost fish. Rebait and recast and 15 minutes later I'm on, with glorious aerial displays. The shark would burn through one wave to come smashing out of the other end just going ballistic. He had a pinkish hue so I thought at first I had a nice soupfin, but seeing the tail I knew what he really was. A respectable 84" male.

Definitely the hardest fighting 7 I have encountered. My buddy then gets a good hit but like my first was unable to get to the rod to make it count. About an hour goes by before my next stick but again this 7 was able to roll the hook, on for about a minute then nothing. My buddy then gets his shot at redemption about 30 minutes later and managed this 64" male.

High surf again this week but it was a good few sessions while it lasted, and I'm sure they'll be there when the surf dies again. And hopefully this spot will produce some Soupies in the Summer!!!

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