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With the small surf all this week me and my buddy decided to hit up the 7 spot last minute. Got out at around 5PM with the peak high slated for 8PM. It was slow while the sun was up but once it went down I had a blistering run. Set the hook and felt massive headshakes and tail slaps and it was taking me up the beach. I could tell this was a huge 7 but after one good tail slap *POP*... dammit. Then my friend gets hit about 20 minutes later and again farms the hookset. About 40 minutes later he gets his shot again and hauls up a nice 97" female which actually fought too.

Number two for him. Then I got a solid hookup at about 8:45PM handed it to my girlfriend and it was able to shake the hook. Oh well! Another nice short last minute session and the 7s are really on the chew up here!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / SNBF-IX The VC Edition
« on: March 14, 2016, 07:45:52 PM »
Well with most of the troops at the beach we had a slow night. My buddy, Mrrodda, and I hit up the harbor after the surf pushed us off our small beach. My buddy managed one 41, Mrrodda managed a 42, and I thought I had it with a massive 31"er. I don't have Mrrodda's pics but here are the other two! Fun none the less, we also missed two more!

Great meeting you all who operate in the AO. Next trip is a VC Gill Get Together!!!!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / No bats :'( 03/10/16
« on: March 11, 2016, 12:44:03 PM »
So with the surf down quite a bit from the past weeks decided to scope out a spot for the bat fight. Packed light, with only the long rods and two macs to just give it a shot. Relatively short trip, only fished from about 5:30PM to 8PM before we were flooded out by the tide. Within the first twenty minutes my friends rod began doing the dip and then doubled over. He set the hook and was stoked but he said it didn't feel like anything was pulling. I told him it looks like he finally got his first Sevengill and sure enough it was, a 72" male with engorged claspers. He was super duper happy to finally scratch it off, but was a bit disappointed with the half hearted fight. He was a handful on shore though, probably the greenest seven we've landed, absolutely furious.(Pics when he sends them to me.) After another 15 mins he gets a scorching run but ended up dropping before we could get the rod, dammit, it was the right kind. I rebait and recast and once again my friend is getting bumped again, this time to farm the hook set  ::). Then my rod starts bending over and I slam it home, could tell it was a small gill but I was happy we were having such a productive night. A little 51" girl.
Things slowed down after that and the tide was coming up quick and the surf was beginning to build, but the current remained relatively calm so it was fishable. We started packing up since it seemed the bite had died when I notice my rod doing a dance. Waited for it to load up annnnnnnd farmed the hook set lol  :P. It was a really nice short session and very productive, lots of sharks in the water. Hopefully we can manage the bats from it too, but alas Saturday is big surf again. Also I have my phone back for all who have tried to contact me, I'll be in touch!!! Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!!

Fishing Talk / Some small surf, for once
« on: March 10, 2016, 10:00:51 PM »
Went to scout an area tonight for Saturday. My friend had one batty run that dropped. Other than that two sevengills were caught and another two lost. I'll post a report as soon as I have the pictures.

Fishing Talk / I would like to head Team VC for SNBF
« on: February 11, 2016, 11:29:40 PM »
Title pretty much states it all. All of you who have asked if I am going to participate, I am this year(finally). Anyone in our area who wants to be on the team, just PM me and I'll send you my number, even defectors from LA  ;D. I'm going to recon a few beaches Friday night, see how they produce, then if it's good at multiple spots and we have enough bodies, then we can split into "fireteams." Tom let me know if there is anything I can do to try to help put this together. VC has got it this year!!!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Finally Another Outing 02/07/16
« on: February 08, 2016, 09:07:19 PM »
Hi Everyone,

Looks like it's been tough all up and down our SoCal coast. Been hard to nail a bat let alone a grinner. Anyhow went out yesterday after finding a lull in my busy schedule as of late. Salad was too much to bear in NVC so we hit up the harbor with some fresh macks. The usual white croaker did not want to play and it seemed the session would end in those every once in a while skunks. I saw my surf rod getting played with. A tug, tug and a long pull, slack, then a tug, tug a long pull then slack, finally on the last tug, tug, I waited on the long pull and swung the rod home. Upon initial hookup it felt shaky and judging by the hit's I thought it was very sharky. After it wrapped me around a buoy on a long run and several long runs fully buttoned down on 80lbs I knew she was a good model batty. Taped her at 54", sorry no pic of the tape but local dictated a quick release and we snapped pics and then taped, next time I'll do the other way around. But those who have met me know how tall I am  :P. Fish PORN!

Action Shot.

Money Shot.
Nice to wet a line again! Hope everyone is having a great new year, even if the fish aren't being quite as obliging to bite!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Still Got It!!! 06/20
« on: June 21, 2015, 10:07:35 AM »
So after about two months of not being able to get out, high stress all the time, I made it a point to fish yesterday. You all have been killing me with the soupie reports down south and it made me wonder if maybe we might see similar up here. Was a shortish session which ended up putting a few perch and two Sevens on the sand! Forgot the tape but mine was probably about high 70"s and my buddy Pat's was probably around high 40"s. He's had it rough too being diagnosed with Leukemia so it looks like the Sevens were doing favors  ::). Bait was Macs and these two hit middle of the incoming. Beautiful day out there!

So nice to have a triumphant return!!!  ;D

Saltwater Boat Fishing Reports / You wont see this very often 04/01/15
« on: April 01, 2015, 09:02:32 PM »
A boat trip reported by me that is. My Dad suprised my little brother and I by purchasing us tickets to go aboard the Island Spirit out of Ventura. Obviously it was not the off the chain action that you guys down south are experiencing, but it would prove to be a fish filled day that brought back very good memories of years past. Had probably been around 10 years or more since I have gone out on a party boat, but immediately I could tell this crew was top notch. Very friendly, very prompt, and very courteous, even though it was hard for me to watch my rig be created for me, but hey took him 30 seconds to do what would take me easily 1 1/2 minutes to 2 so the first one I gave in. Rockfish was on the menu today and I was hoping to score a ling.

Bad moon a'setting, turns to a beautiful sunrise.

Seas were a bit choppy on the way out but not too terrible. Got to our first spot at 7:45am. Perchin really helped in knowing the bites of the 300ft deep rockfish, limited by 11:30am. Nice mix of moderate sized reds, starrys, and chuckleheads. My dad brought up a few sandabs that he didn't want so I thought "Great, got my ling bait!" Fished the rest of the day with two sandabs for many hours trying to nail a ling. Both my dad and brother limited pretty quickly after me and continued hammering them filling a few more bags of those less lucky. The guy behind me then gets a good hook up, something actually fighting him, and up comes a decent ling. Ok dabs, time to get me something good. We make a move to another spot, drop down, and right as I'm tightening off the the bottom WHAM, headshakes, start gaining line, then ROCKED. Immediately after he stopped coming up I tried a steady pull to hopefully roust him from his hole, and snap. Right after that another gentleman behind me with a sandab jig nails one, DAMMIT, now I know it was the right kind. Ended the day with nothing spectacular fish wise, but a good assortment of delicious tacos, and a great family outing. The first ling took the jackpot, here are the pics of the biggest fish of the day.
Me doing my best Ray face.

My brothers, he was stoked.

My dad, pretty much as stoked as my brother.

And the jackpotter.

On the way back we went right by my sharkin spot, man it looks different from this angle.

Also on the way back was talking to some of the old salts and younger members about fishing sevengills from shore, I could see a slight amount of disbelief in some of the older guys, but my pics didn't lie. Found myself almost playing deckhand as I was swarmed by people asking how to rig and what bait to use. Brought out my sputniks and wire and showed them my typical rig, also informed many of them of this site and encouraged them if they went out and got one to post it here, or to just post here anyway. It was a great day out on the water, and everyone on board, customers and crew, were some top notch folks. So until the next decade, hopefully we go after pelagics then  ;D.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Not Much 03/28/15
« on: March 29, 2015, 10:52:47 AM »
So I knew there was a high surf warning over the weekend but surfline said our spot would only have 2-3ft breakers. Got out there and saw definitely more like 5-6ft breakers with the occasional 7-8fter rolling through. A great day for surfing, if you're into that thing. Decided to try to give it a whirl but chopped salad accumulated quick into 45lb balls around your weight and bait. Gave it around 2 hours or so and decided to do the harbor thing. Met FishJerk on the way out and he accompanied us to the harbor. Not much action there but I did manage 2 white croaker, and a 12" mini bat. My buddy caught one croaker and missed a good screamer. FishJerk was in it to win it with nothing but his heavy rod, but none of us were blessed with something big to tug on. It was good meeting you man, too bad the surf was Fed and the harbor fish didn't want to play. Next time.

Fishing Talk / Hopefully Triumphant Return
« on: March 26, 2015, 10:36:03 PM »
I'll be fishing on Saturday, hopefully. If anyone in the know up here wants to join, the more the merrier. It's been over two months, the itch has become a burn.

Freshwater Shore Fishing Reports / Freshwater 7s 1/31
« on: February 01, 2015, 01:28:32 AM »
So  before the surf I hit up my sewer. The cats ranged from 3 to 7lbs,  I even hooked up to one on perch crack. None of these fish fought, they just rolled, like they're reminding me of something I didn't get.

The real sevens will be back soon!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Skunk 1/31
« on: January 31, 2015, 09:19:55 PM »
Skunk, Skunk, Skunk, Skunk. Second skunk of 2015. No love, only a snap off before a fight, here is a pic of the skunk.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / They didn't want to play 1/29
« on: January 30, 2015, 09:44:59 AM »
Got to the water at around 4PM a nice fill was taking place, and salad was a non issue. Surf was... unpredictable, mostly small waves but a few huge swells were sent through. It was slow, really slow, we had a few takers that didn't stick on the longs and finally at 8PM I get my small skunkbuster.

That was the last fish seen all night. On Tuesday I did a bait run to Redondo, but our fresh macks didn't help us tonight. While at King Harbor I managed some beautiful blue perch.

This week is dry, hopefully next week is mo better. Tom hope your back gets better soon, I need some soupies to make me jelly.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Solo Sesh 1/25
« on: January 26, 2015, 12:47:39 AM »
So since I went solo tonight I bought an appropriate camera, man I can't imagine someone to put down a free fishing trip. Well that's my buddy. Arrived to great conditions,  minus the outgoing tide.

Tossed a squid head out on the light rod in hopes for the now non-existant surf tractor, didn't take long for one to respond. About 36" hard to tell with the slack tape.

Then I had the slow pull on the long. Set the hook, no fight again, until the skinny, with the rolls and the thrashes, again with a heatbreak. It wasn't big, but a 7 none the less. Well around 7:15pm I get my shot again, make sure to lay the hook again, and again, and again. Not a biggie, but a grinner, solo, none the less. My 15' rod, girls going surf fishing!

She was hit by bigger models on the way in, pictures don't show but that was not the leader.

Shark Hunter's old stompin ground put out, beats a skunk I expected :D.

So hit the beach around 4:30PM again. A 5:05PM -1.39 low switching to a 4.9ft high at 11:00 PM, Surf predicted to be 1-2 ft, so last part of the equation, will there be grass. No, not enough grass to mention. My buddy forgot his snubber in the car and around 5:20PM, and after catching a smelt on the Kroc, he went to retrieve his snub. As he was gone my rod goes off, set the hook, no fight, get into the skinny and I see surface thrashes, a nice 7. Go for the solo tailgrab and with one shake of the head she was gone, heartbreak :(. I noticed some people in my usual spot, decided to think nothing of it till I saw flashes of pictures. I go over there and it's Ray! Good to see him again and his beautiful girlfriend was hooked to something fierce. He asked if I had a tape, and I had a 96" tape I had found wrapped around a random pool chair. Ran over to retrieve it and as I approached my buddy's and I's camp I see my rod go wayyyyy bendo. Perfect timing for redemption, lay the hook in and feel the rolls, yep another 7, let's not lose her this time shall we. Get her in shallow and make the grab, stopped paying any attention to Ray's camp at this point. My girl had fresh hanky-panky marks on her pectoral, making them tiny sevens. My hook was right in her esophagus, I tried to pull it out, but my hand was uncomfortably deep in her mouth, decided to cut the wire and hope for the best for her.

Took a lot of coaxing in the surf to get her the right way, she was very tired. Didn't tape her but would guess about 80" or so. Then I ran over to Ray, he had a big, brute of a male, taped him out to 94", I wonder if him and my girl were making sweet sevengill love. Great, two sevens and one missed on the beach tonight will be good! Well, that was the last of the action for tonight, for all of us. No weeds, Little Surf, Very Warm, a great night, with some grinners to boot! Good fishing with you again Ray! It's heating up guys, Pics tomorrow! Ray will throw in his as well with his own story hopefully! I need to check my PMs more  ::). Verne if you want some info on this spot PM me, I believe you qualify as a trustworthy shark caretaker!

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