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Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Story of the Bastard Grinner 1/19/15
« on: January 19, 2015, 11:26:03 PM »
Hit the beach around 4:30PM. As I approached to set up I see RayChavez there, was happy to see he made it. He informed me the eel grass situation was grave, instant regret. Nah, I knew it'd probably be kinda gnarly seeing as it has been the past few weeks. High tide at 9:30PM, a nice negative low to + 5 ft swing. Conditions were rather rough along with a lot of  salad. Hours go by without a bite, I run some extra mackeral the bait shop gave me to Ray to see if he was having any luck since I saw lights flickering,  so I thought. Another hour rolls by and Ray stops by to shoot the sh*t for a moment. He noticed his buddy, Eric.H from another forum, tangoing with something, we soon parted ways. This time I saw the distinct flicker of camera light and ran over to check it out. A sevengill was on the beach, hooray! However it was Ray's cast, on his setup, hooked and landed while talking to me by Eric. No body wanted credit for the grinner, he was a bastard. Stoked to see one, we taped her out, about 58" give or take, wasn't really cooperative. I wore the stripe for the first time in 2015 but at least I got my hands on one. Ray may have some pictures, I know he didn't want the credit but perhaps he'll post him. Good fishing with you again man! Next target date is on Thursday, hopefully we can get some bruisers!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Another tough night 1/15/15
« on: January 17, 2015, 08:31:58 AM »
Following seeing Tom's massive soupie I decided to go for our big critters even though reported conditions seemed less than ideal. We changed up spots, and moved a little farther south than our usual AO. The surf was pretty angry and the eel grass angrier, fished the incoming swing from 4:30PM to 8:30PM. Another night where the only way you know you're getting hit is once you get a  screamer. So as we waited for our next haul up of 15lbs of eel grass, my buddy says I think you just got hit. I was looking towards the water, which had just sent a 6ft bruiser of a breaker through, and I responded it was just eel grass pulling the line, and that if the rod went off now that it had passed then *ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*. I grabbed the rod layed the hook into it, immediate  explosion of energy. Massive thrashing headshakes, accompanied with rolls, and lots of thrashes on the surface. I had soupfin in my head and was getting excited, my buddy goes for the tail grab and I hear " It's a leopard!" Was the first time I was disappointed with a leopard, still stoked, but boy did she have me fooled. She seemed gravid, lots of weight to her belly, but my hook really got her good. After trying to remove it for a minute or two we just sacrificed the hook with the bolt cutters to get her underway.
This picture is funny as hell, in the moment of trying to keep her in control while taking her back to the sand.

Taped her and then snapped a quick pic.

This beach is deep, has a sheer 2ft depth right at the waters edge, with no sandbar. Stood in knee deep water holding her dorsal till she went on her way. Taped out to 56" and was a very heavy and healthy girl. I can't ever find bonito at my local fish markets but yesterday I found one that had Skipjack, so I got 4 frozen skipjack ready to go back to this spot when the surf is being a little nicer.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Strike Out Again 1/9/15
« on: January 10, 2015, 11:04:12 AM »
Although conditions were not ideal yesterday we decided to head to the grounds. 3-4ft surf with the occasional 5-6ft pounder rolling through, hellish eel grass, and a ripping southwestern current, Peak high was at 12:30AM, we arrived at 6:30 PM. Eel Grass, Eel Grass, and more eel grass, I did manage a baby kitty on the light rod but other than that it was dead as dead can be. Decided to relocate and do some harbor mud marlining at about 12:00AM. It was also dead in the harbor, but at 1:30AM my buddy gets the screamer that would lead to buoy heartbreak, and it looked like a quality Bat too. Fished the deadness till about 3:00AM. A long day with not very many fish, still a nice night to be out.

Freshwater Shore Fishing Reports / Sewer Cats 1/6/15
« on: January 06, 2015, 05:48:41 PM »
Every Tuesday I am ran out of my place for 3 hours for street sweeping, so I decided to check on my drainage cats. I put catfish in the local wash as a kid and now 10 years later they have reproduced and are in good numbers. My secret urban spot. Spent much of the day trying for carp at the local park, then we went to the wash. Me and my girlfriend both hooked up instantly.

Mine went 3lbs her's 3.6lbs. Now it was time I could return home and take a nap from last nights long night and fright. These fish are great fighters but riddled with parasites, so while I do like catfish these bad boys are all CNR.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / I think I'm too deep 1/5/15
« on: January 06, 2015, 09:31:00 AM »
Finally was able to make it out for the first time in the new year. Still sporting my stylish 2014 bat ray wound but it is finally closing up, we hit up the Seven spot. Clear water, no salad, sub 1ft surf with a negative low going to a 3.9 high at 10:34 PM. Moon was bright as day and there was lots of bird and dolphin activity right outside the breakers. My buddy gets a pick up around 8:00 but manages to farm it hard. I wanted to check my bait since it had been tapped a few times but nothing committed. Reel in, turn my headlamp on, since it was the last cast on the long I was going to make for the night I decided to go for broke. Waded out to waist deep water and posted up, by this point the area had filled substantially. I cast and then look to my left. I saw a body lazily cruising the bottom and I thought it was a trophy leopard shark which are always cool to see cruising. Then one of the bigger swells came and I see it catch the wave B lining it right to me. By this point my headlamp had the whole head and body illuminated and it was a decent sized 7 gill. I was hoping I was seeing things, but to be safe I shrieked like a little girl, jumped back and threw a kick in front of me. I felt the sandpaper give as I kicked it in it's gut right behind the pectoral fin and he gave me a goodbye slap of it's tail on my shin. Had me hyperventilating and everything, it truly caught me off guard and was quite terrifying since I could tell he was coming to inspect what I was. The usual pig perch and smelt made their appearance in good numbers but not even a bat ray was stuck on the long rods. Well, at least I know the sevens are active, and glad they showed me that they are not very far at all. Sorry no fish or scenery porn, just a story. Next week we're gonna get one on the sand!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / The not so epic return.
« on: December 19, 2014, 07:28:54 PM »
So with the leg feeling much better, but the hole still healing, I decided to waterproof bandage it and see what the surf looked like after all this high surf activity. First spot was in Carpinteria and was a total bust, just lots of debris and kelp. Then we moved to our sevengill spot but didn't wade out much and was not really putting in the time for them. Very slow, with just one spiny molecrab to show for it. Cast out some squid on my light rod while we're packing up and just ghost set it before I reeled it in and was greeted by a small thornback. Better than a skunk. Look forward to going after the general quarry after this weather and surf dies a bit. Looks like you all down there are getting some decent bat action!

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / FYI Bat Rays Have barbs 11/18
« on: November 19, 2014, 06:19:06 PM »
Hey guys hit my AO yesterday hunting some Sevengills. Weather was great for mid-November and the surf and salad was perfect. I land a cast at least 50 yds past the breakers and am feeling good. And everyone was in high spirits with dolphins giving us a hell of a show 200yds off the beach. I was throwing my perch rod when I see my friend bendo. I run over to him and he has a respectable 40lb-50lbs ray. Grab it and start hauling it to the beach, then (stupidly) I put the ray in front of me and felt a sharp pain in my right calf that made me collapse. I immediately knew I got tagged, and looked and the 1" stab wound gushing blood. Excruciating pain radiated up my leg but I was able to fight it pretty well. I couldn't help but keep laughing at myself, in the 8 years of mud marlining I have never gotten close to being shanked, today was my lucky day. All captured on GoPro by my friend which was very enlightening to watch the mistake play out and be able to pin point it. Poured fresh water over the wound, put several alcohol pads through it and packed it and wrapped it tight. Then the miserable 800yd walk through sand to the car, it was by far one of the most painful things I have experienced. No fish porn for this one, just a hard lesson I was given. Complacency got the better of me yesterday, so with all these big brownfin showing up remember to be cautious, and remember to always have first aid with you while fishing. It feels much better today, and is already healing.

Salt Water Shore Fishing Reports / Representin The VC
« on: November 11, 2014, 12:47:12 PM »
Hello everyone,

I was invited by Ray to check this site out while we were fishing on Sunday. Latimeria was a huge inspiration to go for some larger game from the surf, and I discovered those big critters lurk nearby me. I know that most of you are based in SD but I have come here to bring a little VC flavor. Sunday night was perfect, a little chilly, tide mellow, incoming surf all night. We started fishing at about 5pm and around 8pmish I get hit hard. Massive headshakes, and lots of weight. Thought it was a big leopard but it turned out to be this healthy girl!

Forgot the tape but I'm gonna say around 88"-90", maybe more.

About an hour later I got a 45 minute run around by this plus model Batty.

Bite died after that with only one more thornback caught, but my friend did catch 8 or 9 nighttime perch in the 10"-12" range.

I'll also just throw in some pics of the Seven I caught two weeks ago. Another healthy female.

Look forward to seeing more big game posts on here, since that seems to be the most prevalent reports. And I'll keep posting the big critters we got here up north.

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